Shop Partners | Apricot Lane Centennial
October 12, 2017

Shop Partners | Apricot Lane Centennial

I love working with Colorado shops! I think because my Colorado designs are some of my favorite...probably cause I'm a Colorado native and I just get it. :)

August Ink is sold in a few boutiques in the Denver area, including Apricot Lane in Centennial. (See a full list of stores carrying August Ink here.) I met Kelsy from Apricot Lane at the Denver Flea a couple years back and it's been great working with her ever since. In addition to buying some of my designs as is, we have worked together to make fun colorways and fits that she knows will do well in her location with her customer base. As a result our products have been a huge hit in the shop.

I recently asked Kelsy why she likes to carry August Ink and this is what she had to say:

"I love August Ink because it's graphics that woman want to wear. So often Colorado graphic designs can be catered to the male market or feel hard to wear based on the colors/designs, but August Ink is feminine without being overtly girly. The color palette of her pieces is classic, neutral colors so it fits perfectly into your wardrobe for every season. Woman of varying ages, body shapes, and personal styles can wear her pieces to any number of life's events-brew hopping, mountain adventures, out of state travels, concerts, the gym. They are casual, cozy, great quality and the graphics are unique to anything else being offered. Andrea the owner is amazing to work with and is always willing to create custom sizing, color variations or designs just for our customers! We love August Ink and know everyone else in Colorado will too!!"

Kelsy also sent over some photos of our items in their location! One of my favorite parts of working with boutiques is to see how they style my pieces! Apricot Lane does a great job of this both in the shop and in their photo shoots for their web-shop and to use on social media!

Next time you're in Centennial be sure to stop into Apricot Lane and say hi for us! And be sure to check them out online:


        Apricot Lane Boutique
        The Streets at Southglenn
        2154 E Commons Ave,#321
        Centennial, CO 80122
        Phone: (303) 955 - 7452

        If you're a retail shop and would like more information about selling our products in your shop, visit our wholesale site: